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Re: Crazily shaped assignment patches

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In TrekCore's image from the DVD screengrabs, one can't make out the emblem.
Sure you can, the shape of the insignia of the woman on the floor is especially visible with the way the light is catching it..

Solely on a tombstone created by Gary Mitchell. Kirk himself consistantly gave his initial as T, and so did his official records at his court martial (and in Mirror mirror).
Oh yes, precisely, that is the point. The point is that, given that Where No Man Has Gone Before lists the initial as R., why should we consider it an error, assuming what's on screen is never wrong.
It is not an error, it's the product of a deliberate choice by Mitchell, for whatever reason he choose to place an R on the tombstone.

Why can't we therefore conclude that WNMHGB thus takes place in a different universe?
Based upon what please? Again, neither Kirk, nor his official records, said that his middle initial was anything but a T.

Plus, he was a demigod by then, so there's no excuse for making a mistake like that.
But why do you think it to be a "mistake?" There could be any of a number of reasons that Mitchell choose not to employ Kirk's actual middle initial. One that I'm fond of is it's a play on an old joke between them, R is for "Romeo."

Mitchell retained enough of his personality and personal humor to place this old joke on James "Romeo" Kirk's grave.

some things seen on screen are not to be taken literally.
I'm not arguing that nothing was ever changed, but to be honest I'm not the biggest fan of constantly using "ret-con" over employing simply explanations.

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