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Re: My Greivences of Nutrek. What makes me a hater...

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I have already tried to watch the prequel movies AND Enterprise. I found them too boring to sustain my interest.
Enterprise boring? Did you try and watch season 3? The Xindi arc is amazing and some of the best ST I've ever seen. Was pleasantly surprised by it, actually.
I've stated several times that I don't like the Enterprise characters. I found them unlikeable, with the exception of the dog. He was cute.
Having revisited the show just recently, I can totally understand that given how badly written the characters were in the first two seasons. However, the third season was a real shot in the arm making the characters for the first time truly interesting and compelling to watch. A prime example is the portrayal of Trip, who started off as a dumb Southern charmer stereotype and then becomes a broken man trying to hide from pain he felt over the loss of his kid sister. Suddenly I started to actually care for them as people because the writers started to treat them as such rather than a bunch of cardboard cut outs. Give ENT a chance and maybe you'll find something rewarding in the end, I think it's totally worth giving it a shot for those later episodes. The fourth season, as many say, has some of the best Trek in the franchise.

Heck, season three does a better rip-off of Star Wars than Abrams Trek.
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