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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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The corresponding list for Hasbro's Transformer line was also leaked.

Leader Class
30th Anniversary Jetfire
30th Anniversary Megatron

Voyager Class
Generations Brainstorm
Generations Roadbuster
Generations Skybyte

Deluxe Class
Fans Choice Windblade
Generations Arcee
Generations Chromia
Generations Crosscut
Generations Hardhead (generally thought to the old Generations Warpath with a new head)
Generations Jhiaxus
Generations Nightbeat

Legends Class
Generations Brawn
Generations Cliffjumper
Generations Gears
Generations Gnaw

Beast Wars
Generations Deluxe Rattrap
Generations Deluxe Tankor
And that's just the Generations stuff. There's also a list of Transformers 4 toys, which reveals a whole bunch of character names.



- A6517 Optimus Prime
- A6518 Grimlock


- A6514 Optimus Prime
- A6515 Grimlock

- A7946 Autobot Hound
- A7947 Galvatron

- A8117 Slog
- A8118 Autobot Drift


- A6509 Bumblebee Classic / High Octane Bumblebee
- A6510 Crosshairs / Slingshot
- A6511 Dinobot Slug
- A6512 Scorn

- A7812 Lockdown
- A7813 Autobot Drift
- A7814 Strafe
- A7815 Dinobot Slash

- A8113 Snarl
- A8114 Rally Car
- A8115 Decepticon Stinger


- A7759 Bumblebee
- A7760 Optimus Prime
- A7761 Stinger
- A7762 Grimlock
- A7763 Hound
- A7764 Lockdown

Legion 2-packs:

- A7766 Optimus Prime and Grimlock
- A7766 Slingshot and Southpaw
- A7767 Stinger and Slug
- A7768 Bumblebee and Strafe
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