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Re: My Greivences of Nutrek. What makes me a hater...

E2 is in my top 5 Trek eps of all time.

But see, it gets better Timewalker, the same way TNG gets better. First seasons are often dry, lumbering, awkward.. especially the first time. Once you love a series affection creeps in for even the worst bits.

ENT's first two seasons aren't great, but the do have some winners and they are often just as good as all the bog standard, "beam down to new place, things are not as they seem" eps of TOS and TNG. And then season 3 and 4 get verrrrrry interesting.

Also: ENT is full of attractive shirtless men, they win over all the other series in this category.

AND my god SHRAN! You have missed Shran!!!

I could just about cry at this point.

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