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Re: Will there be a new Star Trek movie?

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Hey, will there be a new Star Trek movie?

If yes, what is the title of the movie called?
No idea.

When will it be released to theaters?
Probably summer 2016--50th anniversary and all.

With Star Trek (2009), Into Darkness (2013), and if there will be another Star Trek movie, are these a direct prequel/sequel like for example is Star Trek (2009) a sequel to Nemesis (2002), and Into Darkness a direct sequel to Star Trek (2009)? Thank you!
As Abrams' production company, Bad Robot, is contracted to produce the third film and (IIRC), Abrams will be a producer (though not director), I strongly suspect the film will be a direct sequel to Into Darkness.
Sorry if I'm misunderstanding, but by direct sequel you mean a movie that just takes place after the events of Into Darkness or as in a movie that will actually somehow tie strongly into, as in Khan returning for example?

I know a few people believe it will deal with a war with the Klingons based on events that happened. I'm kinda hoping that's not the case.
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