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Re: My Greivences of Nutrek. What makes me a hater...

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I'm not required to like every variety of Star Trek, and I have the right to say that without all the personal digs being aimed at me. I also have the right to say that TO ME - that's a subjective opinion - nuTrek doesn't feel like Star Trek.
You definitely have a right to your own opinion.

But, I find it difficult to believe you gave the movie a fair shake after spending at least six months bashing it. If you keep telling yourself something is terrible over and over, nothing is going to change your mind (that's just being human).

Is Star Trek Into Darkness a perfect movie? No. But it is fun to watch, which is why I watch movies to begin with.
And you're entitled to think it's fun. At no time did I ever say that anyone who likes it is wrong to like it (too bad some people here can't make the reverse claim).

You really shouldn't make unfounded assumptions. I based my initial opinions on the copious spoilers, trailers, photos, and other information I saw. As of this post, I have seen STID 3 times in the last 48 hours - not because I like it that much, but because I've been trying to understand the damn thing. And you know what? It STILL makes no sense. I'm not actually seeing a whole lot of science in this movie. I am seeing a lot of space fantasy, though.

I have tried to find things to praise, and wow. I finally managed it. The line that nuSpock says about "expressing multiple attitudes simultaneously" was quite clever.

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^That sounds like the 'get you coming AND going' argument. If somebody doesn't like the sound of a trek movie and doesn't want to see it, he is told his opinion doesn't count because he didn't see it, and then if he does eventually see it, his opinion doesn't count because he was prejudiced against it to start with. You gotta pick your parameters, you can't have it both ways.
I think it's one thing to think something may not be of interest to you then seeing it later on and not changing your mind. It's another to bang on how much you hate a movie for six months then go "oh god, I hated it!"

I'm reminded of a poster here who graded the film an 'F' weeks before it came out here in the States, slammed the movie over and over and over then saw it recently and hated it.

Do I believe that person really hated the film as much as they said they did? I don't know? That person expended so much time and energy hating on a film they hadn't seen that I'm not sure they would have had the courage to admit they were wrong.

So I usually don't believe folks who act in that manner.
What the hell do you want people to say, then? Some of us on this forum have said that based on what we saw pre-movie, it doesn't look like a good movie. Some may have changed their opinions on that. And some of us simply had our opinions confirmed. What exactly don't you believe about someone stating that their opinion was reinforced?

I'm reasonably sure which poster you're referring to (re the grading), and surely it's his right to dislike something whenever he wants, without being suspected of lying when he states he dislikes it.

And how can you accuse someone of not having the "courage to admit they were wrong" if that person doesn't actually think he was wrong about something that is subjective?
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