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Re: My Greivences of Nutrek. What makes me a hater...

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Casino Royale was better than every one of the Brosnan Bond films minus maybe Golden Eye, and by a longshot too. Quantam was bland. and although I enjoyed aspects of Skyfall, overall it didn't do it for me. man if they ever hire a black actor to do Bond I feel really bad for you, sir.
We're getting to be closer wary-and-distrustful-acquaintances by the minute. Quantum had its moments but its premise was silly even by Bond standards, and Skyfall was great right up until the "we're going to my family's country estate where we have the advantage" final act -- WTF is MI-5 even good for if you have do that?

It is also puzzling to encounter someone who loves the Dalton Bond but hates the Craig Bond, because both versions of the character are closer to Ian Fleming's original than anything else that's appeared in that franchise.

trevanian's general point about "coming and going" argumentative gambits is well-taken, though. And teacock's discourse on the Force seems pretty much spot-on, except in that on that interpreation the "midichlorian" is kind of a superfluous embellishment.
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