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Re: Story Arcs vs. Episodic Stories in ENT

I think it delivered on its true premise--the first human deep space explorer and its pivotal role in the founding of the Federation--quite well when it actually focused on that premise. It just didn't really come across very much because most of the first three seasons were wasted on random planets/species of the week and the Xindi storyline which, while entertaining, didn't really have much to do with the Federation theme. The Temporal Cold War was a huge misfire, agreed, but the writers clearly had little interest in it (since it was essentially forced on the show by the network), given its fairly miniscule presence in the show overall.

I think Season One had basically the right idea in showing us this new crew as they take their first steps out into the galaxy, with more of a focus on characterization and a pioneering spirit, but then it lost focus with Season Two, when it started becoming a sci-fi action show.
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