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Re: Crazily shaped assignment patches

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Or it wasn't about the uniforms at all but about obscuring the fact that all the Defiant crew that we see is being represented by a handful of extras.
Especially considering how visible the arrow is here
Now, admittedly, the arrowhead emblem is visible there, although that is an HD screengrab.
No SD capture of that part of the shot at Trekcore (the selection of captures is limited compared to the HD counterparts)*

Point is tho is that they weren't trying to hide the patch; it is right up there as a foreground element, just like the other arrows in the other shot posted earlier.

*{no doubt an artifact of the evolution of web tech.}
I think GSchnitzer is probably right: they were trying to split the difference. The shots with obviously hidden patches could satisfy the fans who'd been paying attention to canon and who expected a unique patch, whereas the one or two shots with clearly visible ones could satisfy "original intent" (whatever that was).

The existence of one or two shots showing the arrowhead doesn't make the ship's patch immune to future retconning, and nor does that imply that ENT: IAMD "got it wrong". As retcons go, giving the Defiant its own specialized patch barely registers, which is really my main point here, as a takeaway. Retcons happened in Trek many times over the years, a lot of them far more significant.
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