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Re: UT-TFV: "No Win Scenario"

Admiral and TLR,

Thanks for your comments. I'm glad you are both enjoying the story so far. With the fate of this taskforce mostly a forgone conclusion I thought it would be neat to go back and attempt to make this doomed group more alive and resonant for their successors in "The Quality of Mercy" while also building a little on the Kothlis'Ka.

************************************************** ***********

Main Bridge
USS K’mpec

Captain Kenji Tanaka didn’t know what shocked him more: the order he just gave or the fact that it was carried out. A line of phaser fire from the Akira-class heavy cruiser had stitched across the primary hull of the Shuttlesworth; not enough to damage the larger Nebula-class explorer, but enough to send a message.

Tanaka wasn’t going to let Baltimore and Shuttlesworth gang up on Ariane and force Rhizzo to back down, especially since he thought she was the only one making sense. None of the other captains had stared down the gun ports of a Kothlis’Ka attack cruiser. And Erasia had proposed taking on an entire armada and with their hands tied to boot!

None of them truly could fathom what they were up against. And if they wanted to at least have skin in the game, they needed to use more powerful weapons, and subspace weapons were the most lethal in their arsenal.

“Send Captain Ottah a hail,” Tanaka found his voice again. Though he cleared his throat before adding, “Next time the gloves come off.” In response, the Shuttlesworth halted its advance on the Ariane and slowly turned to face the K’mpec.

Behind the triangular tactical pod on Shuttlesworth’s superstructure, Tanaka could see Baltimore and Ariane trading shots, both ships unwilling to give ground. Empress had remained off to the side. Kenji imagined he could feel Erasia’s indecision through the void. Shuttlesworth continued to advance on them, the large saucer of its primary hull was starting to blot out the raging battle.

“Sir, should we utilize evasive maneuvers?” Lt. Commander Mehita asked.

Tanaka shook his head, “No,” he said. “We’re holding our position. We’ll make Shuttlesworth either ram us or blast through us.” The captain was certain Ottah wouldn’t do that. The Edoan was a decent fellow, and he hated putting him in this position. But if Shuttlesworth relented, it might force the more hardnosed Thelius to give up.

It didn’t seem like Captain Erasia was going to be a factor in this dust up. And that might have been for the best. Perhaps the Efrosian was merely the only adult still left in the room and was allowing the children to throw their tantrums. So far no one had gotten hurt.

Kenji had noticed that while a flurry of shots passed between Ariane and Baltimore, they were all low-yield. Even the volley he had ordered be fired at the Shuttlesworth had been depowered. Despite Tanaka’s verbal threat, he wasn’t sure if he could really carry it out if Ottah pushed the issue.

Kenji was hoping that the Edoan would back down instead of calling his bluff. As if reading his mind, the young Gnalish male at the operations console called out, “Shuttlesworth is still advancing.”

“But they are not charging their weapons,” Lt. Retha said from the tactical terminal. The Kamorian had also divined his thoughts it seemed.

“Damn peculiar,” the chief engineer grumbled from an aft auxiliary engineering panel. Tanaka glanced back at the hulking, hirsute Gumato.

“No, it isn’t really,” the captain rejoined. “He doesn’t want to hurt us anymore than we do him.”

“He’s hoping we back down first,” Lt. Commander Mehita chimed in.

“So it’s a game of chicken huh?” The ensign at flight control quipped before quickly reddening at her interruption. Tanaka merely smiled.

“Right you are Ensign Langdon,” the captain said, grateful for the opportunity to smile, if briefly. Looking back at the main screen and the oncoming Shuttlesworth, he wasn’t sure if he was going to get another chance to do so.
************************************************** ************
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