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Re: MLB Offseason 2013-2014

But Gordon Beckham and Brian McCann are not even remotely close to a Mike Trout and a Bryce Harper and they were escorted quickly through the minors to the major leagues. Hell even a team like St. Louis who was in the fucking World Series was using guys like Joe Kelly and Michael Wacha who have less then 30 Triple A games between the two of them. Also, guys like Kolton Wong, Matt Adams and Matt Carpenter only spent one year in triple A before joining the Cardinals in a competitive capacity. I'm sorry but you will never convince me that top prospects need to face two to three years of Triple A pitching before they are ready. Guys are getting fast tracked to the big leagues and are making an impact immediately upon their arrival.

I'm sorry but you are making my point for me but by all means lets use Tampa as an example. Tampa's star players played the following amount of triple A games

Evan Longoria had only 129 at bats before getting called up.
Matt Moore played in only 9 games at Triple A
David Price played in only 4 games.

I'll cap this off by using an example from my own favorite team. Jason Heyward had only 9 at bats in triple A before becoming a full time player posting an OPS of .849 in his first year.
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