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Re: Could I become a Niner? hmmm....

Well, I think it works with Bashir (the OP about him chasing Dax). He's so totally full of himself I think he cannot fathom the idea of a woman not wanting him.

I agree about Sisko, and I HATE it when he starts shouting. The overacting and the overenunciating just kill it for me and he's my least favorite captain for this reason. It's like he has his "contemplative" face when he's just sitting around thinking, and then his "angry" face, and that's it for his acting.

Kira is annoying, yes.

I liked Dax.

But I think probably the best parts, for me, were things involving pretty much any Cardassians (even the minor characters), Odo, some of the Quark and other Ferengi stuff, and Weyoun.

That, and after a few seasons, it really hit its stride and became more enjoyable overall.

I watched DS9 straight through. It actually became my favorite Trek series and made me realize (for me at least) how boring, stale, and lame TNG is.
That's how I felt after watching DS9, and I grew up watching TNG in its original airing and so it has nostalgic value for me. But sometimes, I go back and watch some of TNG and it just feels stale, yeah.(Don't get me wrong, there are great TNG episodes, but I think that DS9 and TOS are my favorites because I like some of the characters so much.)

I was talking to somebody about DS9 the other day in real life, and he complained about how dark and claustrophobic it all was. I said that's why it's my favorite!

When half your main group isn't very good, it makes for some tough watching.
I wasn't crazy about the starfleet members on ds9, for sure, but I think the non-starfleet characters make up for it. Of course, being Star Trek, I can understand if people think if a lot of the starfleet people are crap, then the series must be crap... Most of my favorite episodes involved non-main characters, though.

The worst thing ever was some of the mirror universe crap. Boy do I hate mirror-Bashir.
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