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Re: It's that time again: Smartphone upgrade!

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I loves me my iPhone 5s. I'm glad I got it instead of the c. I'm waiting for more apps to use that fingerprint sensor!
Other than the fingerprint sensor, what makes the 5s worth all the extra money?
The faster processor, I'd have to say. It really makes apps fly. Plus it has a dedicated co-processor for motion-related apps, which could also be very useful.

As for the camera, though, I rarely used it on my last iPhone and won't use it much on this one either. A dedicated camera is just so much better. I would never use any smartphone camera as my main one. IMHO it's only for emergencies, like when I don't have my regular camera with me but I see something I like.

Whichever iPhone you get though, you HAVE to get a decent case. Otterbox makes the best ones.
Agreed on the Otterbox. The GalaxyS4 is so damn thin, I'd be afraid of it breaking in my pocket without the case.

As far as the camera, how many of us are going to carry a $1000+ camera around with us at all times? (not that some of the phones are much cheaper, but we pretty much need to have the phone with us)

If I can have a phone with a really good camera, at least I have something to take pictures with in a pinch, but for planned stuff, I'd always bring the Canon.
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