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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

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Regarding The Cage zoom-in FX, I am wary of treating that too literally. It gives a general indication of the ship size but little more. I'm not even convinced it denotes a transparent ceiling, since WNMHGB shows the bridge ceiling from the inside and it is decidedly (and much more sensibly) solid.
But how do we know that during events of "The Cage" the ceiling was not transparent?
WNMHGB takes place years after that so the non-transparent ceiling might be a later upgrade or modification.

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As for the turbolifts shuffling around behind the bridge - well it depends on how much you upscale the ship of course, but I don't see why the nub has to be the turbolift housing.
I'd just love to believe that but fact remains that a) the housing perfectly matches the shape of a turbo lift car, b) is at the proper location where to expect the bridge turbo lift car (i.e. the stern), c) they even went into the hazzle of carving out the cylindrical shape (I would have peferred a plain extension ) and d) it's devoid of any structures or colors that could suggest something else.

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My point is that (unlike TMP) we never see a clear view outside looking in, thus establishing the size between the shuttlebay minature and the exterior model. All we see are the plain, featureless doors opening. We could be looking at the whole doors, or just a section of them.
Egger beat me to that. If we were just to continue the separation lines of the clamshell doors (watched from within) we'd end up rather quickly at the tower segment above with the horizontal stern window (aft phaser control room?).

However, at an assumed length of 1,080' the two lateral rectangular windows would still be rather low to have a practical use for the observation corridor, assuming a bigger ship could remedy the situation.

Just as these - - are revealed to be windows in the close-up shots, so is the illuminated porthole near the docking ring of the TMP Enterprise.

I see more advantages in having that many windows than disadvantages. Especially the dark areas of the connecting dorsal will provide views like this:

Of course, in Kirk's temporary cabin on Engineering Deck 12 you'd like to have shutters - until you want to drive the captain crazy by having a planet's starlight reflection bother him all night long.

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