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Re: Anyone else sick of Miley Cyrus?

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The sad part is there is enough "mind dead" out there she gets the attention she wants.
That's not really a fair assessment of her demographic, and no, they're not brain dead. People like her music, her cult of personality, but there are so many artists out there that some of them feel they have to step it up to get noticed. Quite frankly, I don't find anything she is doing as "shocking." Provocative? Certainly, but not shocking. Then again, she is an adult who can make her own decisions.

What's silly is the negativity she gets from many of the same people who go and look at porn in magazines and on the internet. The same pop media that waggles their collective finger at her will also spread gossip about every other celebrity? It's hypocritical.
She sings music?

All I've seen of her is her raunchiness.

And I reserve the right to make judgments based on what I've seen.

She comes off as a slut.
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