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Re: MLB Offseason 2013-2014

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Being a BAD team helps, as far as being able to bounce back. The worst thing you can do is be mediocre. Middling draft pick that won't pan out, expensive retread FA pickups, get one decent player at a time, but lose them to FA because you can't compete with just them alone. You really need to SUCK for a little while, restock, and then make some smart pickups.
I don't think you can make that same argument for baseball as you can for basketball or a franchise QB in football. Baseball has layers upon layers of minors, and it takes years for even top picks to make it to the bigs, assuming they don't flame out first. The MLB draft is a much bigger crapshoot.
Right. Let's take the 2008 draft, for example, in which the Rays drafted first overall, taking Tim Beckham. Beckham has been popped twice for violation of the MiLB substance abuse policy, and he's been decent, not great, in the minors, which is why he only finally made it to the majors last month, after rosters expanded. He's only 23 and has room to grow, of course, but after five season in the minors, you generally know what you've got with a guy, and between his lack of pop and suspect fielding (plus his off-the-field issues), Beckham is projecting to be a journeyman kind of infielder at best.
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