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Pirate-themed games

I just bought Sid Meier's Pirates on Steam through the Halloween Sale.

I have to admit, I'm pretty keen on Pirate games. I was first made aware of Sid Meier's Pirates when my childhood friend first showed it to me on his Commodore 64 and I've always been drawn back to this one. There's a certain charm about it and it's so darn addictive!

I've played a number of pirate themed MMOs, and one game in particular with the same overhead view made me wonder why we haven't seen a version of Sid Meier's game done as an MMO. The game's already got half the makings of what make MMOs great; different factions and an ongoing war. I've even played and liked Pirates of the Burning Seas and managed to get pretty far into that game before a problem with my account arose.
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