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Re: Why I like Enterprise so much

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I've only seen 3 of the four seasons (1, 2, and 4), but ENT is my third-favorite series and, IMO, doesn't get the appreciation it ought to. It has its problems, but, overall, it's a very good show, and I personally think Season 1 is better that people think it is.
Christopher Jones at Trek.FM certainly pushes season 1 hard. I'm more indifferent. However, season 1 is perhaps the most substantial first season of any Trek series, setting up stories and interpersonal relationships. And I can't think of a TNG episode from its first season that are as good as Shuttlepod One or The Andorian Incident. Indeed, the only 1st season episode of the post-1960s era that stand out in my mind are Duet and Phage (excluding pilots and cliffhangers).
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