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Re: MLB Offseason 2013-2014

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Yay Cubs.... do we get another Dale Nobody or someone legit? Pretty much the only big question since it seems all too likely we're gonna be in rebuild mode for yet another year...
I don't know why anyone expected the Cubs to be contending within two years -- Jim Hendry left the organization a completely scorched mess. It takes time to get things back in order. Anyone who expected the Cubs to be "not shitty" until 2015 had their heads in the clouds.

And, really, Sveum wasn't a nobody. He was a finalist for the Boston managerial position in 2011 until Bobby Valentine came out of nowhere, and he's so highly regarded in baseball that the Royals snagged him as a coach the day after he was fired.

The person filling out the lineup card didn't matter at all for the last two years, and it certainly won't matter this coming year. The Cubs are a bad team, and it takes time to stop being bad. The Tampa Bay Rays didn't come out of nowhere, for example: This is Andrew Friedman's eighth year as the GM, and it's taken careful planning over the past eight years to build a solid organization.
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