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Highlander II unused ideas

Highlander II: The Quickening is a much-maligned film, not least due to the fact that its production was severely butchered by the studio, resulting in a story that largely made no sense, and even contradicted important details of the previous film. Well a while ago now, I was very interested to read that the original script for Highlander II had stronger ties with the first film. In the script, I believe it was made clear that when Connor and Ramirez were exiled from Zeist to Earth, their consciousnesses were literally reincarnated in new bodies on Earth, with Ramirez being reborn in ancient Egypt, and Connor reborn in Scotland in the 16th century AD. Furthermore, it was shown how, once reincarnated on Earth, they would have no memories of their previous existence on Zeist, but whoever eventually gained the Prize would have those memories restored to them.

Also in the script (so I've heard) were scenes where the Kurgan would briefly reappear, shown as having been sent to Earth by General Katana to track down and kill Connor and Ramirez. Katana was then shown watching, via some kind of techno-magical device, the final battle between Connor and the Kurgan at the end of the first film, and it's when he sees Connor victorious that he decides to send the two assassins to kill him, as seen in the film itself.
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