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Re: Star Trek Redux

Damnit. Look, it is "Capt Y of Starship Z," just as any number of existing fan films. What distinguishes it is just what you're seeing as unimportant -- a re-imagining (size & tech) that (in my view) isn't a reboot, but a closer view than "cannon"; a crew mix that (inasmuch as its possible in 2013) recaptures the "shock of the new" of Kirk's crew's diversity. Why does it matter that Allende's a Muslim? Because today -- in a world divided into opposing politico-religious camps -- THE most shocking hero would be the one we're in apparently endless war with. What the show is "about" IS those things, and the intent/desire to (again, occasionally) bring to Trek not just SF, drama, etc., but contemporary political relevance -- as TOS caught when "A Private Little War" debuted during the Tet Offensive, "A Taste of Armageddon" carried body counts to the ultimate extreme. What the show is "about" IS what I'm "hyping." Within that unique format occur stories. Good, bad, relevant, mundane -- but not situated in a universe specifically characterized other than by the things you keep seeing I shouldn't try to play up.

It's a TOS era series on a stock Connie. What sets it apart is what I've been talking about. A Romulan war era series, a series aboard a lost ship, a non-Connie, etc., would have those elements as unique. My unique elements are technology, Captain & crew mix, and a degree of (hopefully) reflection/commentary on modern issues. And as for "comparing it to other shows" -- without plot details, isn't that how pitches are typically done? "It's 'Basic Instinct,' but with a woman cop." "It's 'Nutty Professor,' but with a black scientist."
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