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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

Yes, I see you were right about the inside view, it is crisper than my ailing memory led me to believe! That's a real shame, as I suspect the segment lines will limit the upper size of the TOS-E and I really like the idea of larger Enterprise!

As for Cary L Brown's notion of the round windows being sensor ports, I like that a lot (and followed his thread keenly until he disappeared one day). What I dislike is the sheer number of windows on the dorsal (both port and starboard, for goodness sakes!) as well as on the Engineering Hull. The saucer looks positively spartan by comparison, supposedly where most of the accommodation actually is! To be honest, it makes me feel a lot better imagining at least some of the "windows" as cavities for various types of sensor machinery. Thus equipped, the dorsal is now ideally located as a planetary sensor array, since it always faces the surface of any world the ship orbits.

How does this tie in to other designs of ships? Well, looking at the very regular groups of "windows" on the saucer rim of the TMP-E, I can't help but be reminded of the lateral sensor array of the Ent-D. A design lineage, perhaps?

Actual viewports can be shuttered when not in use (as we saw in Gideon) so I'm not saying there are none on board, just that they aren't always where we think they are!
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