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Re: The Single Worst Line of Dialogue in the entire Star Trek Franchis

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TUVOK: I am picking up a vessel, Captain. It's Borg.

TUVOK: Captain. You must relieve me of duty, at once.
SEVEN: An assimilation virus has penetrated our defences!

CHAKOTAY: We're becoming drones!!!!

JANEWAY: Hard to starboard. Reinforce the shields!

KIM: Incoming fire! Doctor!

The Doctor:: Computer, activate the ECH.

COMPUTER: Acknowledged. Transferring all systems to your command. You have the Bridge.

The Doctor: Indeed. Shields to maximum. Photon torpedoes, full volley. Fire! Computer, report!
This is just awful dialogue, the acting everything..
Oh wait, this was the Doctor's's still awful
Nah, that's one thing I liked about Voyager. From time to time they just didn't take themselves that seriously.

The ECH episodes were FUN!
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