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Re: It's that time again: Smartphone upgrade!

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Anyone who buys a smartphone because they like the camera is a fool. Buy it because you are able to use it well for what you want. Go for the one that has the operating system that you like and that gives you the flexibility you want.
So... don't buy it because I like the camera... but buy it because I can use it well for what I want... Well, part of what I want is to be able to take good pictures with it. I've already picked the iPhone 5something based on its os and other characteristics. All I'm looking for is feedback on the differences between the 5s and the 5c. One of which is the camera.
Well, first off, as a photographer, I can tell you that a dedicated camera is nearly always going to give you better quality images than a cameraphone. Mainly because the sensor is larger, and therefore the pixels can be larger, and thus you get less noise.

Secondly, a great camera isn't going to be any good if the phone's OS is crap.
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