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Re: Pre TOS star cruiser....

^^ I have read the same thing regarding the nacelles. However, if you really look at the MJ design you can't help but notice that the nacelle domes aren't far from the saucer and it's the long slender pylons that create the illusion of the nacelles being set far from habitable parts of the ship. Note in both of my pre TOS cruiser designs the nacelle domes are similarly close to the saucer while the rest of the nacelles are set further away. Yes, there is a central section that supports the nacelles, but it's mostly the impulse engines and very little access for personnel in addition to being heavily shielded. And as starship design and construction methods evolve they will eventually be able to build seemingly fragile looking structures that are far stronger than they appear such as the engine pylons and support dorsal of MJ's design.
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