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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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That was very close, I thought the delay of the pitching change would doom the Sox.
Took you back to '03, didn't it?

I lived almost 30 years a Sox fan before they won a Championship, and now three within ten years. Doesn't seem real.

What a turnaround from last year's dysfunction. Congratulations to a great team, to Boston, to New England and to Red Sox Nation.
Yes. I'm like NOOOO! Take him out now! Then he got the bases loaded and I'm like FUCK. thankfully the manager took him out before real harm was done. The Cards could have come back at any time. They stranded like 10 people on base.

My dad died shortly before turning 46 in 2001. Never saw the Sox win. There are so many fans like that and the Red Sox are making up for it. Like 2003 to winning in 2004. From fucking up in 2011 to Bobby V last year to best this year. Sox have history and personal stories that make baseball great.

Just think. The Red Sox only went to the world series 4 times between 1918 and 2004. All went to seven games and they lost every one. No game seven this year and three wins in a decade. Amazing.
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