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Re: Any Percy Jackson / Heroes of Olympus / Kane Fans here?

I'm eagerly awaiting House of Hades, I just need my 9 year old to finish it, so I can read it! I've loved all of the Percy Jackson & The Olympians/Heroes of Olympus books. They are a great mix of mythology, adventure, and humor.

I do miss the humorous chapter titles in The Heroes of Olympus books.

The Kane Chronicles, to be honest, hasn't grabbed me. Red Pyramid was just okay for me and I put down The Throne of Fire a while ago and never felt the need to pick it up again. I can't tell if it's the dueling narration, the plot, or the use of Egyptian mythology that makes me feel this way.

That being said, if he's next working on a series of novels with Norse mythology, I'll definitely give them a shot!
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