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Re: Gravity - Review and Discussion Thread


I did a search of the thread and noticed that no one has yet compared Bullock's scene getting out of the spacesuit, when she gets to the space station, with Barbarella's strip tease at the beginning of that film. Well, now someone has. The Bullock scene was nice, and a nice update of the Barbarella strip tease, but it was somewhat gratuitous. Given the urgency of her predicament, I really doubted she would have taken the time to disrobe like that. That is to say, I wouldn't have wasted any time like that. I guess we're supposed to believe that she was overwhelmed, and all.

There were numerous little nitpicks like that that I had with the film, but nothing which could detract from the overall massive thumbs up. Its visual style is of course a milestone for hard science fiction. The never-say-die theme that runs through the film is also nice, and rewarding with an emotional payoff at the end.

Well, that is, never-say-die if your name is Bullock. If it's Clooney, you're fucked, of course. I bet he wished he hadn't wasted all that fuel circling the shuttle at the beginning.

The best scene in Mission to Mars is Tim Robbins's death scene, but that was undermined by the Newtonian physics being all jacked in it. The Clooney death scene was essentially a redux of that, but handled much more plausibly. Of course, all these sorts of situations owe more than a little to The Cold Equations.

Oh, and Bullock's performance was top notch, I thought.


P.S. In my opinion, any physical science errors, while obviously present, are irrelevant. This is a film, and it's fiction. Give it a break.
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