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Re: Could I become a Niner? hmmm....

Alright, so I've watched up to the second season ep "Second Sight".

My dad is loving Quark and the Ferengi. Everytime he wants to watch now, he says "Let's see what Quark is up to now"

In general I think the show is pretty good. Sisko is not as loudmouth oafy as he was at first. I actually feel bad for Kira. She's supposed to be this "tough as nails" female officer, and she got the shit kicked out of her by the gf of that Trill guy who wanted to steal Jadzia's symbiote, ouch! I take back everything I said about her being a "butch angry pms'ing bitch"

So far, Quark and Odo are carrying the show IMO, those are the two most fun characters to watch. My dad calls Morn "The Cactus". I tell him I think he looks more like a turtle.

Do I think it's stellar writing light years ahead of TNG? hmm, nah I wouldn't go that far. It's certainly different, and it has the huge advantage of being able to do a story arc, something TNG could have benefited from (which it did with some very weak character arcs, like Ensign Ro, etc)

I like Jake and the fact that he's just a regular kid. Not that I ever hated Wesley, I always knew it was the writing that ruined his character, and only in the first 2-3 seasons, he did get better written in later seasons.

From past viewings I felt DS9 got very soap operaish in the later seasons. I haven't seen it this time around to the same extent, but I guess I'll see when I get to the later seasons again.

My dad had an interesting question for me. Why do the Bajorans worship the Prophets?
In every major religion, the people worship a deity because the deity promises them something, some type of blissful afterlife, or even great prosperity in the current life.

So what exactly do the Prophets offer the Bajorans? So far I haven't seen The Prophets do anything other than give visions thru their orbs. Is this expanded on later in the series?
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