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Re: Star Trek Redux

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OK Maurice, how's this?
You're still hand waving. Stop comparing it to other shows. Stop hyping how innovative it is. Stop naming other ships. Those are distracting you from telling us what the show is about. What is the ship's mission? Where? How does the crew feel about it? Are they there willingly?

Your cast as summarized are not people, they're labels. What's interesting about the Captain other than he's a Muslim? I was once a Catholic but that's one facet of who I am and not something anyone would sum me up as. Why is he there? What does he want?

Nobody cares about the length of the ship, etc. Is the ship old? State of the art? A flying deathtrap? audiences care about the relationship the characters have with this tin can they're flying around in, not it's length or mass or how many welds it has.
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