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Re: Pre TOS star cruiser....

These are gorgeous...
I've always loved the TOS design ethic.

I have one personal nit though...

One of the basic tenets of MJ's ships, was that the nacelles were purposely placed a good distance away from the actual living areas of the ship, due to the energy radiation if you will, given off by the WARP effect.

As such, your designs would be truer to form if the front ends of the nacelles were either a bit farther back, and/or out, from the primary hull.

Getting just the right balance with the tighter (smaller) size of the ship would probably take a bit of nuancing, as in either moving the connection point of the pylon to the nacelle or perhaps lengthening the pylon to push the nacelles out (or both).
But finding that balance, is one of the most important facets in Trek type ships.

As I said, it's just a nit of mine and I don't mean to downplay your wonderful effort in any manner.
But it was an important design element that was incorporated pretty much throughout all of the Trek incarnations.

The one major exception is of course the DS-9 Defiant, but I believe that even in the DS-9 Tech Manual, it is mentioned that there is new and very heavy shielding between the nacelles and the interior of the ship.

Since earlier era ships didn't have that particular tech, the 'distance' design, was their way of protecting the crew.
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