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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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Again, I don't see why the trunks are any more out of step with modern fashions than the cape or the whole damn tights thing in general. None of it is in step with what people wear today. But all of it, as a piece, is the iconic look of Superman. I don't get singling out that one part of it.
The cape will never go out of style for heroes in Superman's vein - it evokes nobility, knights and shining armor. It's the opposite of Edna Mode's argument. And the boots, well... practicality, good for fighting, "working man" look. It's why Stargirl's footwear makes so much sense. The trunks... just don't look good anymore. I think there's more of a "uniform" look these days - sports uniforms, that is.

Christopher wrote: View Post
Maybe because it's the archetype -- the original superhero costume and the template for so many more.
True, but it's been... what, 70 years? We're talking modern mythology here, and aren't you all about updating and reinventing to be relevant?
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