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Re: Star Trek Redux

It sounds like you're trying to attract interested parties to get things going, but it also sounds like you're far from production. For the reasons I give below, one major concern I have is that this will turn into one of the numerous projects already out there, that stays in development for five or more years without a single frame of footage being made.

With 20 or more scripts already in hand, at this point, I'd worry less about attracting people to write for the show than I would actually making it. Pick one of the 20 scripts and turn it into a pilot. If that's too challenging, pick one scene. Nothing will get people interested in participating as much as seeing what you already have, in the form of a video they can watch.

At this early stage, getting too specific in what's been reimagined doesn't really help such a project, in my view. Star Trek isn't about photon torpedoes, it's about characters in situations. If the stories and situations aren't compelling, then who cares how a photon torpedo operates? Stories don't write themselves, given just the setting.

Finally, in terms of sets, I'd suggest sticking close to TOS (or TNG/VOY) standard sets, if for no other reason than to make use of the resources out there and the work that has already been done by other fan productions. This is especially so in your pilot episodes. Standing on that work will give you a leg up in production, and help you get something made more easily. Even with standard props and sets, you can can still have things operate differently under the hood, if that's important to the story.

Try contacting other successful productions. I imagine they'd be glad to help with suggestions, if not even more concretely, as much as they can. One of the biggest risks I see in something like this is to try so hard to reinvent the wheel that nothing really gets done.

Best of luck!
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