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Re: Castle - Season 6 Discussion & Spoilers

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
Forget the sword fight. Was I the only one who kinda sympathized with the killer?

SPOILERS . . .. ..

I mean, seriously, just one of those thousands of coins would solved the cousin's financial problems and paid for his elderly mother's care, but Susannah insisted that the whole treasure trove be donated to a museum instead? She couldn't spare one coin to make sure her only family was set financially and her aunt got the care she needed?

I'm not saying she had it coming, but . . . .
Yep, I felt the same way. That was really selfish of her not to offer to share a little, especially given his mother's medical situation and that he's as entitled to make decisions about what to do with the fortune as she is (though in reality, I think the government would come in to claim the fortune).
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