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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

I don't get some of the selections for the first few waves, either. If we're getting two Lukes in the first twelve figures why not a classic Farmboy Luke from Episode IV? I have nothing against the ESB Bespin outfit, but it's hardly as iconic as Luke's white Farmboy shirt from the original film.

I have a feeling that a Darth Vader is coming in a future wave and Chewbacca is probably on the to-do list before the 6" line ends, but who knows just when. I'm just glad we're getting an entire wave (#2) of nothing but Original Trilogy characters after this past year of Prequel overkill. I also wouldn't mind seeing an OT Emperor or a Darth Sidious at some point, possibly with interchangeable heads like the new 6" Maul so you can use Ian McDiarmid's normal face before the Jedi Purge or his deformed appearance from the Imperial Era.
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