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Re: Crazily shaped assignment patches

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HD, DVD, whatever.
Ummm, you're the one who brought up HD resolution.
Even if it happens to be discernible at a lesser resolution than HD, that doesn't really change the point, which is that we're coming back years later looking at high quality screen grabs (I should have said "high quality" instead of "HD"), which were beyond the means of the general viewer to get during the original run.

What I do remember, though, is all the actors seemingly posed to hide the emblem in shots when they would have been unmistakable.
Except the director didn't do that, there were two actor in the foreground of the sickbay shot laying face up, with their insignia exposed.
Sorry. What I meant to say was...

What I do remember, though, is all the actors that were seemingly posed to hide the emblem in shots when they would have been unmistakable.
I won't say in this case that I misspoke, because I really think it should have been clear that I was speaking of a general trend. If there's any doubt that I was speaking of the general trend, just rewind to an earlier post of mine where I said this:
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I'd like to know why so many shots in The Tholian Web on the Defiant, in which the resolution is such that one would make out the emblems on TV's of the day, seem so cleverly staged as to cover them up.
That passage should also take care of what I meant by bringing up "HD" too, for that matter.

Poses hiding the emblems, or where they cannot be made out (from TrekCore's DVD screen grabs):
Oh, hey, wait, what about #5? That's the picture you posted, isn't it? No, it's not. In TrekCore's image from the DVD screengrabs, one can't make out the emblem. What you posted isn't the same image as theirs. Interesting...

Solely on a tombstone created by Gary Mitchell. Kirk himself consistantly gave his initial as T, and so did his official records at his court martial (and in Mirror mirror).
Oh yes, precisely, that is the point. The point is that, given that Where No Man Has Gone Before lists the initial as R., why should we consider it an error, assuming what's on screen is never wrong. Why can't we therefore conclude that WNMHGB thus takes place in a different universe? But, I said that, too, to begin with.

And before you say, ah but maybe Gary was mistaken, two things. If he didn't know the initial, why make one up? Plus, he was a demigod by then, so there's no excuse for making a mistake like that.

The point is that, by reductio ad absurdum, we must conclude that some things seen on screen are not to be taken literally. Otherwise, we are led to absurdities, such as that WNMHGB takes place in a different universe. That is the point: we know that the R. was retconned away once the series proper was underway.

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