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Re: Characters That Bought Out the Worst in Each Other

I mostly agree about Jadzia and Worf. They were too different, and her blind Klingon worship got annoying. He stifled her free spirit too much. I really hated all the Klingon ritual crap Jadzia had to go thru to marry Worf, while he didn't have to prove his worthiness to be with her.
Funny enough though, I found Worf more interesting with Ezri. There was more genuine affection I felt between them, and she was more willing to call him on his crap.
I do think that Jadzia was wonderful enough in her own right that I'm not sure that she needed the symbiote. Curzon's past seemed to drag her down a lot. With Ezri it was more interesting to see her struggle with the symbiote because she didn't want it.
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