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Re: Earth Final Conflict - Why all of the cast changes? Backstory?

Season 4 was a very different show than Season 1, but in its own way it was just as entertaining. "Atonement" is easily the second best episode of the show, with "Sandoval's Run" being the best. Sandoval really did bring out the best in the show, apparently.

Season 3 had some pretty good episodes too. I always liked the episode that wrote out the character of Jonathan Doors, even though it was a loss to the series going forward. The show was only ever awful in the early parts of season 2 and, of course, season 5. But it wasn't ever what it could have been.

Andromeda fell way harder, way faster. Once Robert Hewitt Wolfe was out the door it was practically unwatchable, save for a few minor exceptions.
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