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Re: Endgame was awesome!

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^ I'm the opposite. I think this show could've used a lot less AGT. I mean we see the alternate future of VOY crew on Earth, but by the episodes end that timeline is erased. I think they wasted an opportunity and our time by showing us something that was going to be inconsequential and different from what actually happens by episodes end. Yes it gives future Janeway motivations, but it's not about Future Janeway.

Things I wanted to see:

1. I wanted to see the VOY crew actually make it to Earth, and set foot on it!

2. I wanted to see how the crew adjusted to being back on Earth after 7 years in deep space.

3. I wanted to see how the characters (especially the Maqui) dealt with this post-Dominion War Federation.

4. I wanted to know if the former VOY Maqui were going to be charged or face any punitive actions.

5. I wanted to see Janeway face the Starfleet brass regarding the exabytes of information she gathered in the DQ. Also to see if any of the admirals would verbally accost Janeway for her rash decision to strand herself, her crew and the Maqui in the DQ in the first place.
Everything you say is true and it's exactly what they should have done.

Having said that, I don't think we ever had a snowball's chance in hell of it actually happening. It would have required Voyager's final episode to be introspective and backwards looking, and I think it's pretty clear that The Powers That Be were long past the point of wanting to dissect the series' premise, or go back to those original format documents and explore who those characters are. They'd moved on, and all they were really interested in was doing something explosive where Janeway could kick ass.

It is criminal that, for a series where the whole damn premise is "we gotta get home", the only snatches of Voyager actually arriving home that we get to see are news recordings seen retrospectively in the non-existant future timeline that never happened.
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