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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Battle of the Atom did indeed end with a whimper. For a second I thought they would be shocking and keep ALL the future characters around, but I guess it's notable they kept a few. As for the increasing game of musical chairs between Team Cyke and Team Wolvie... it's seriously losing its impact when people keep swapping back and forth like this.

Would have been nice if they had a good artist for the finale. Frank Cho's name is the on the cover but he didn't do the art...

INFINITY #5 had me greatly confused. The ending of the previous Avengers issue showed the Builder threat to be greater than ever with the robots going into Kill Everything mode. Yet in this issue they are apparently entirely defeated off-screen? What the hell? And suddenly the emphasis is shifting back to Earth. I enjoyed this series but I would not have done the two separate stories like this; both came off rushed and unfulfilled.
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