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Re: Episode of the Week: 3x16 "The Offspring"

Regarding "Yesterday's Enterprise", my feeling has always been that Picard was right when he argued to Guinnan that 'their' universe might be the correct one. The Enterprise-C always goes forward in time in any event, that's a fixed point in time, so the "war" timeline *is* effectively the real one, as it follows on from that course of events, where the Ent-C vanished at Narendra III. The universe where the Enterprise-C was destroyed while trying to save the outpost *isn't* restoring the past, it is (as Picard rightly says) changing the past. Changing it for the better maybe, but still..... everything that we saw in TNG up to the start of "Yesterday's Enterprise" is basically happening in a changed universe, one where the Ent-C was sent back in time and altered history.

Regarding "The Offspring" (yay, on topic! ), the thing that bothered me about this episode was (as the OP says) that it basically ignored the moral of "Measure Of A Man". Lal's sentience and her right to be with her 'father' should NEVER have even been in question, but they basically ignore the earlier episode simply for the sake of wringing a little extra drama out of her being wrenched away from him. Fail.
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