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Caption Contest 115: Voyager Problems

Sorry it took me so long to update, I've been so busy! My apologies for the delay.

Here are the winners and the new captions for the next contest!

Note: I know we have been using "Captionated Award" for an additional special caption that is especially funny, but I think it would be nice to broaden it to include maybe 3 extras. I'm gonna work on this for the next contest.


Skully wrote: View Post

EMH: Where's Tuvix? And why does this lamb shank taste like hedgehog?
Big Boo wrote: View Post

Kim: Do you want to tell the Captain she forgot her clothes?
Paris: Just let her be Kim.
Starpaul20 wrote: View Post

Paris (thinking): At least I don't have to eat it now.
JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post

BERMAN (Off screen): Good news everybody! Next year we're adding a hot female Borg to the cast!
BELTRAN (Thinking): Crap. I'm gonna get fired.
DAWSON (Thinking): Crap. I'm gonna get fired.
MCNEIL (Thinking): Crap. Garrett's gonna get fired.
WANG (Thinking): Crap. If I don't bribe People magazine quick, I'm gonna get fired.
The Laughing Vulcan wrote: View Post

EMH: "I love the smell of illicitly gained panties in the morning."

LOL this made me spit out my coffee when I first read it.

cal_nevari wrote: View Post

EMH: "I wonder if this smells anything like what the Rock was cooking?"

New captions are up! Have a rollicking good time!
The images are a little bigger this time because I didn't resize them for this one. I am having trouble logging into my hosting site so these are from TrekCore. Enjoy!

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