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Re: It's that time again: Smartphone upgrade!

The 5c & 5s both have 8 Mpx cameras. The Galaxy S4 has a 13 Mpx camera, which is 3 more than the Canon SLR I bought several years ago. This is great. I mean, I can't carry a regular camera everywhere I go, but my phone is always on me.

The Galaxy has a bigger screen, 16 MB of built in memory plus a micro SD slot for more RAM (up to 64MB more), a removable battery (important to me anyway).

The Iphone 5s starts at 16MB of RAM (non-expandable) and the price jumps $100 for 32MB and another $100 for 64MB.

The one positive I've heard about the 5s is that the CPU is better.

I finally rooted my Galaxy S4, and have managed to get some of the functions under control. Next, getting some of the bloatware under control as well.
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