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Re: The Voice (U.S.)

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I wonder how many of these contestants who don't make the live rounds resent and blame their coaches.

Kaley Cuoco has been putting it out there that Blake's country bias is why he didn't pick Briana Cuoco, even though the buzz seems to be unanimous that Shelbie Z mopped the floor with her (not to mention a lot of people don't think Briana should've gotten any chairs to turn around in the first place).
I would imagine it's a lot like American Idol, even if we don't see it. There are probably plenty of people saying "They don't know me" or "I don't need them, I'm going to be a star!" The one thing that draws me to The Voice however is that the stars seem invested in these people unlike Idol where the stars are simply judges with no personal connection.

Count me in the camp that thought Briana Cuoco shouldn't have gotten any chairs to turn. I stated earlier that I thought she may make it far based on her name alone. Shelbie was the clear winner in that battle, country or not. It's sad that Kaley can't find the positives in this, like that her sister got some exposure, that this could be the launching pad to release some kind of album. Just because Blake Shelton didn't choose her, it doesn't mean that her life is over. I'm sure somebody would buy an album if she put it out and Kaley could fund it making a million an episode on Big Bang.
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