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Re: Chloe Bennet: Babe of the Week #44 (Oct. 2013)

Chloe Bennet played a character who worked at the publisher that signed Gunner and Scarlett to write songs.

Nashville is a take it or leave it kind of show. Not necessarily bad, but not appointment television either. Originally they tried to be about showing the inner workings of both the political world and the music industry, but the political stuff was DOA and it wasn't until they embraced the full on soap opera nature of the show (although everyone seems to hate this season's pretend pregnancy storyline) that they started to go somewhere.

One thing the show is really bad with is how they jump from scene to scene and frame time. Is this scene supposed to take place at the same time as the last scene? Did it just go from day to night? Is it the next day or still the same day?
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