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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Regarding The Cage zoom-in FX, I am wary of treating that too literally. It gives a general indication of the ship size but little more. I'm not even convinced it denotes a transparent ceiling, since WNMHGB shows the bridge ceiling from the inside and it is decidedly (and much more sensibly) solid.

And while this next comment may fall into the category of being overly picky, I should also point out that the turbolift and nub do NOT line up, either in the original or updated FX.

As for the turbolifts shuffling around behind the bridge - well it depends on how much you upscale the ship of course, but I don't see why the nub has to be the turbolift housing. Maybe it's an airlock, similar to the TMP docking port? One poster here (Captain Robert April) proposed that it could be a "subspace antenna" instead. Whatever the nub might be, the turboshaft itself would be fully within the bridge dome and need not protude outwards.

As for a partially submerged bridge I don't have a problem with it as such, I merely mentioned it as an advantage of a larger ship. As Robert_Comsol observed in his own thread, having the saucer's Deck 2 be mostly taken up with the bridge infrastructure makes a tidy solution for Spock's line in The Enterprise Incident.

The issue with the windows was just to illustrate how the deck heights had not been nailed down in the same way as the TMP-E. Differing heights offers some flexibility in interpretation, that is all.

I don't think I was very clear about what I meant with the shuttlebay. It is true that we saw the outside of the doors. It is true that we saw the doors from the inside, but we don't know how much of the doors we actually saw. In other words, we could be looking at a setup like this:

Apologies to Bllsdwlf for butchering his image - you can see the original here.

My point is that (unlike TMP) we never see a clear view outside looking in, thus establishing the size between the shuttlebay minature and the exterior model. All we see are the plain, featureless doors opening. We could be looking at the whole doors, or just a section of them.

(I realise that we do get that outside-in view on the TOS-R FX, but i'm ignoring them since they're not even consistent scene to scene)
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