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Re: Crazily shaped assignment patches

Closed Caption wrote: View Post
HD, DVD, whatever.
Ummm, you're the one who brought up HD resolution.

What I do remember, though, is all the actors seemingly posed to hide the emblem in shots when they would have been unmistakable.
Except the director didn't do that, there were two actor in the foreground of the sickbay shot laying face up, with their insignia exposed.

You may as well be asking, given that Kirk's middle initial is shown as an R ...
Solely on a tombstone created by Gary Mitchell. Kirk himself consistantly gave his initial as T, and so did his official records at his court martial (and in Mirror mirror).

Therin of Andor wrote: View Post
So the TNG Enterprise really does have a giant hamster in a wheel down in engineering, and a big yellow rubber duckie, among other in-jokes on the signage.
Whether these thing exist within the Enterprise Dee is debatable, however there is no debate that they exist on the ships MSD. That must is canon.

Geoff Peterson wrote: View Post
What appeared on screen was influenced by the idea that each ship had its own patch. Which was a commonly held idea for decades.
By some perhaps, but that "held idea" is not backed up by on screen evidence.

My take (personal opinion only) is that during the TOS era the vast majority of the fleet wears the arrowhead insignia. However ranks above Captain can have their own insignia, which is also worn by members of their own staff (yeomen, doctors, etc,). There was also different insignia for branches like JAG, Starfleet equivalent of USNS, and others.

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