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Re: Star Trek Redux

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The cast of Redux aims to recapture the then-utopian mix of Kirkís crew. Captain Fazal Allende is a practicing Muslim (as startling a hero as was Uhura a bridge officer in the 1960s). A female First Officer and Chief Engineer, a (rightfully, though amusingly) culturally proud Chinese helmswoman, a gay navigator, Richard Daystromís son as science officer, a Vulcan Chief Medical Officer, a Security Chief from the deep South, and various others season the mix.
Why is the sole listed characteristic for the navigator is that he is gay? That shouldn't be in the "press" releases, it should flow naturally from the stories themselves. A regular gay character would've been a big deal twenty-five years ago. Now, I just don't see it as a selling point.

Not too many people are going to know or care who Richard Daystrom is.

I also hate when someone tries to nail down the entire crew right at the first episode. It reminds of Modern Trek's '7-by-7' formula, seven characters for seven seasons with little change no matter how useless a character becomes (*cough* Riker *cough*).

Just some thoughts.
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