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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

Here's the November schedule (not counting early morning on 11/1 which I listed last month as part of the Halloween marathon). Rather slimmer pickings this month, so I'm tossing in a few things that aren't quite SF/fantasy but might be of interest nonetheless.

WED 11/6
11:15 AM: The Most Dangerous Game (1932): From the producers of King Kong and featuring that film's stars Fay Wray and Robert Armstrong.

SAT 11/9
6:45 AM: The Valley of Gwangi ('69): Cowboys and Harryhausen dinosaurs!
8:30 AM: 7 Faces of Dr. Lao ('64)

SUN 11/10
6:00 PM: Knights of the Round Table ('53): Arthurian movie with Ava Gardner and Mel Ferrer. No word on whether they eat ham and jam and spam a lot.

MON 11/11
8:00 PM: Jaws ('75): Might be about a boat accident. Or maybe not.

TUE 11/12
12:45 AM: Enter the Dragon ('75): Bruce Lee classic.
9:45 PM: Dr. Strangelove ('64)

SAT 11/16
Noon: She ('65): H. Rider Haggard adaptation with Ursula Andress and Peter Cushing.
4:00 PM: Land of the Pharaohs ('55): Joan Collins in her Hollywood debut, playing the wife of the Pharaoh Khufu.

TUE 11/19
4:30 PM: Man in the Attic ('53): Jack the Ripper film with Jack Palance.
Midnight: Soylent Green ('73)

SUN 11/24
2:00 PM: The Thief of Bagdad ('40): Arabian Nights classic.
6:00 PM: The Adventures of Robin Hood ('38): The Errol Flynn original.

THU 11/28
4:15 PM: The Phantom Tollbooth ('69): Chuck Jones's adaptation of Norton Juster's classic children's book.
6:00 PM: The Muppets Take Manhattan ('84)
8:00 PM: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ('68)
10:30 PM: Doctor Dolittle ('67)

FRI 11/29
1:15 AM: The Incredible Mr. Limpet ('64): Don Knotts turns into a cartoon fish.
9:00 AM: Jason and the Argonauts ('63): Harryhausen!

SAT 11/30
2:30 AM: Topper ('37)
4:15 AM: Turnabout ('40): The body-swap comedy that was a loose inspiration for Star Trek's "Turnabout Intruder."
12:15 PM: 20 Million Miles to Earth ('57): More Harryhausen!
2:00 PM: The Time Machine ('60)
4:00 PM: The Golden Voyage of Sinbad ('73): Even more Harryhausen!
6:00 PM: The Jungle Book ('42): Live-action version with Sabu.
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