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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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Ortiz has something like 27 hits in 15 at bats...
Yeah, obviously a joke. Just saying, that's about what it feels like. Actual numbers are something like 11/15, .733 AVG. He's a friggin' monster right now.

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Is Papi juicin?
I'm sorry, but that's just lame. His numbers in a vacuum? Other-worldly. But last week, he was not so hot in the ALCS. Surely he didn't get magical steroids between series that kick in with instant gains, right? (on account of that not being possible). So either he was juicing the whole time and had a shitty ALCS but suddenly an awesome WS, or wasn't doing anything either time and just is on a hot streak. Since they don't magically kick in overnight, kinda retarded to just point at the last few days and say 'suspect'

Especially when your username hints you may be a fan of the poster boys for steroid cheating. By number of users AND significance of the users. Just saying...

I'm definitely ready for the 'steroid era' to be definitively closed, though. Let's go all out; mandatory monthly blood tests (not just urine), even in the off season. Every player. PEDs, HGH, run it. Big penalties for a positive result. Instead of bullshit innuendo every time someone gets 3 hits in a game, let's make the testing rigorous enough that we can just say the answer is no. Will also cut the crap where someone cheats in the offseason to get big, takes their 50 game ban, and then gets to play in the post-season while still having the muscle bulk they gained with the steroids. The thing with Peralta was by the book, but total bullshit. Did his ban, but should have included playoffs. Otherwise, you didn't really get punished. Time to get serious about it, and cut out all the bullshit rumors from both fanbases AND media.

If I was Ortiz, I'd be a real dick about these rumors (assuming he's not cheating, of course ) When he goes to pick up his MVP trophy, pay for your own testing, and take out a nice ad in the paper to post the results with a Fuck You to the specific media members calling him out on it. Media works so that you have the platform to 'wonder' about people, and no accountability if you're wrong, no apology. Kinda crappy....
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